June 17, 2017
8 months and 27 days since
our celebration.

Celebrating the Times of our Lives

Join us on June 17th to celebrate the Times of our Lives.  We have been blessed with many reasons to have a good time and bring our families together.
It all starts with Mary Margaret Hanley-Hayes turning 90 years young.  She will be enjoying the day with her Sister (Ciele & Rol), Children, Grandchildren, Nieces, Nephews, and other family members & guests.  Everyone is welcome!

In addition to this milestone Birthday other May/June family events – Birthdays, Weddings, Retirements, Anniversaries – will be celebrated with the Drozda, McDermott and Reznicek families.  
* Please check the "Celebrating!" page to see if any events are missing.  
  • Celebrate
  • Reconnect with family
  • Enjoy food and drink
  • Relive memories and create new ones
- Please register on the Family Page!
- RSVP on the RSVP Page.
- Upload your Photos on the Photo Page.
Festivities will begin at noon at the home of Kathy and John Holum, 37475 N. Big Buck Cir. Elizabeth, CO 80107
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